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image image image image Mr. Li Chen, a PhD doctoral student, with Professor Cadieu
peer into a vacuum system designed for the simultaneous
deposition of thin films by pulsed laser deposition and sputtering
image image Professor Luat Vuong and her
student Matthew Moocarme
image Mr. Haojie Ji, a Ph.D. student, preparing a superconducting
magnet for magneto-photoluminescence experiments in
Prof. Kuskovsky's Laboratory for Fundamental and Applied
Nanoscale Physics (LaFANP)
  • 13
    Apr '15

    Alexander Greer

    Brooklyn College
  • 20
    Apr '15

    Mark Feuer

    College of Staten Island of CUNY
  • 27
    Apr '15

    Emily Rice

    College of Staten Island of CUNY
    Exploring exoplanets
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